Free IPv6 transit over Tunnel or VPS

Users who are owning an AS number aswell IPv6 routable resources can get free IPv6 transit.
It is also possible to get an VPS for free to use with the free transit
Name IPv6 AS Routes Uptime 2001:468:d01:33::80df:3370 AS6447 Direct peer Active never
LL-IX 2001:678:4fc::9 AS59947 Internet exchange 59224 2d21h38m
Kevin Buehl 2001:7f8:d0::8b23:1 AS35619 Transit Connect never Helsinki 2001:7f8:d0:4649::ebd3:1 AS60371 Internet exchange Active 04:42:19 London 2001:7f8:d0:4742::ebd3:1 AS60371 Internet exchange Active never Fremont 2001:7f8:d0:5553::ebd3:1 AS60371 Internet exchange Active 14:48:02
ZX-IX RS1 2406:840:1f:1000::1 AS140961 Internet exchange Active 00:01:35
ZX-IX RS2 2406:840:1f:1000::2 AS140961 Internet exchange Active 00:01:22 London 2407:c280:ee::10:1 AS136754 Internet exchange Connect never Amsterdam 2407:c280:ee::11:1 AS136754 Internet exchange Connect never Paris 2407:c280:ee::14:1 AS136754 Internet exchange Connect never Rome 2407:c280:ee::15:1 AS136754 Internet exchange Connect never
Evix RS1 2602:fed2:fff:ffff::1 AS137933 Internet exchange Active 01:17:01
Evix RS2 2602:fed2:fff:ffff::253 AS209762 Internet exchange 513 2d21h38m
Marcel Witschel 2602:fed2:fff:ffff:6::28 AS213105 Downstream 18 2d21h38m
Otaku Limited 2602:fed2:fff:ffff:6::5e AS141694 Downstream 4 22:06:53
OpenSwitch-IX RS1 2602:feda:afe::1 AS65515 Internet exchange 45 14:51:56
OpenSwitch-IX RS2 2602:feda:afe::2 AS65520 Internet exchange Active never
OpenFactory 2a01:20e:1002:10f::1 AS41051 Transit 123060 2d21h38m
Securebit 2a09:4c0:57e0:7e::1 AS58057 Transit Active 00:26:49
Ifog Frankfurt 2a0c:9a40:100f:47e::1 AS34927 Transit 108930 20:39:04
alwyzon 2a0d:f301::2 AS40994 Transit Active never
alwyzon 2a0d:f301::3 AS40994 Transit Active never
Py-IX RS1 2a0e:46c4:102::1 AS141702 Internet exchange 87 2d21h38m
Py-IX RS2 2a0e:46c4:102::2 AS141702 Internet exchange 15 07:47:03
Digital Energy Technologies Ltd 2a0e:b107:4a1::1 AS61317 Transit Active never
Ifog Amsterdam 2a0e:b107:4a2::1 AS34927 Transit 123069 2d21h38m
VPS transit platform 2a0e:b107:4a3::2 AS207427 Direct peer 2 2d21h38m 2a0e:b107:4a4::1 AS35661 Transit Active never
First root 2a0e:b107:4a5::1 AS41108 Transit Active 2d03h49m
Vultr 2a0e:b107:4a6::1 AS20473 Transit Connect never
Hurricane Electric 2a0e:b107:4a7::1 AS6939 Transit Active never
ROPN-IX 2a0e:b107:4a8::1 AS60113 Internet exchange 0 2d21h38m
AgocsNet 2a0e:b107:4a8:1107:2114:95:0:2 AS211495 Downstream 2 2d21h38m
Nobins 2a0e:b107:4a8:2123:2122:68:0:2 AS212268 Downstream 1 2d07h05m
Phowork 2a0e:b107:4a8:21a0:2122:70:0:2 AS212270 Downstream Connect never LTD 2a0e:b107:4a8:2222::2132:82 AS213282 Downstream Active never
Albin Hakanson 2a0e:b107:4a8:2222::2133:66 AS213366 Downstream Active never
REDRAY STUDIOS LLC 2a0e:b107:4a8:2222::3991:96 AS399196 Downstream 1 2d21h37m
Packswitch 2a0e:b107:4a8:2222::5553:6 AS55536 Direct peer Active never
prego jeremy 2a0e:b107:4a8:2414:2117:81:0:2 AS211781 Downstream Connect never
Youssef Hamed 2a0e:b107:4a8:3024:2077:40:0:2 AS207740 Downstream 3 2d21h38m
Optix Transit Ltd 2a0e:b107:4a8:3137:2098:70:0:2 AS209870 Downstream Active never
Hellomouse 2a0e:b107:4a8:4105:2125:14:0:2 AS204446 Downstream Connect never
Association ECOWAN 2a0e:b107:4a8:4115:2125:14:0:2 AS212514 Downstream 8 2d21h38m
WILLIAM-AS 2a0e:b107:4a8:4177:2036:61:0:2 AS203661 Downstream Connect never
Sami Yessou 2a0e:b107:4a8:5012:2114:80:0:2 AS211480 Downstream Active never
Optix Transit Ltd 2a0e:b107:4a8:5481:2098:70:0:2 AS209870 Downstream 3 2d21h38m
Androw 2a0e:b107:4a8:6159:2125:19:0:2 AS212519 Downstream 2 2d00h23m
HostingFuze Network 2a0e:b107:4a8:6221:4173:2:0:2 AS41732 Downstream 1 2d21h38m
Patrizio Palumbo Hosting IT Solution IPv6Go 2a0e:b107:4a8:6253:2113:58:0:2 AS211358 Downstream Connect never
Optix Transit Ltd 2a0e:b107:4a8:7019:2098:70:0:2 AS209870 Downstream Active never
YuetAu Network 2a0e:b107:4a8:8105:1384:35:0:2 AS138435 Downstream Active never
NETSIX 2a0e:b107:4a8:8223:2087:53:0:2 AS208753 Downstream 15 04:05:19
TheoVILLEMINOT 2a0e:b107:4a8:9142:2132:44:0:2 AS213244 Downstream 1 20:38:59
David Moes 2a0e:b107:4a8:9143:2125:68:0:2 AS212568 Downstream Connect never
Daniel Jacint Agocs 2a0e:b107:4a8:a0a0:2114:95:0:2 AS211495 Downstream Connect never
RouteIX Networks Ltd 2a0e:b107:4a8:ab02:2119:54:0:2 AS211954 Downstream 7 20:39:22
Rudakov Ihor 2a0e:b107:4a8:af00:2115:9:0:2 AS211509 Downstream 1 2d21h38m
FusedIT Trust 2a0e:b107:4a8:afb0:1398:82:0:2 AS139882 Downstream Connect never
Marcel Witschel 2a0e:b107:4a8:ca00:2131:5:0:2 AS213105 Downstream Active never
Kalpak Mukhopadhyay Lab Network 2a0e:b107:4a8:ca44:2113:26:0:2 AS213326 Downstream Active never
UPP Microcomponent LLC 2a0e:b107:4a8:caf0:4239:4:0:2 AS42394 Downstream Connect never
E-Mouse Karol Urbanowicz 2a0e:b107:4a8:cafa:1984:8:0:2 AS198408 Downstream Connect never
GRUPO CG LIMITADA 2a0e:b107:4a8:cafe:2700:14:0:2 AS270014 Downstream Connect never
VMhaus 2a0e:b107:4a9::1 AS136620 Transit Active never
Hamro IX 2a0e:b107:f21::1 AS141703 Internet exchange 26 2d21h38m